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  • Slot Machine - 200 Gold per Spin (Prizes are Gold Box, Immortal Coin, Donation Coin and Random Battleground Costume)
  • Upgraded Quest Weapon Implemented (check quest weapon npc)
  • Vending Area Warper
  • Item Combo Bonus for Donation Freebies fixed
  • [T2] Immortal Cape (Neutral) bonus fixed
  • Byorgue Card adjusted
  • [T1] Rogue Slicer back in Donation Weapon NPC
  • Quest and Donation Weapons adjusted (check description)
  • Private Branch Room Implemented (core 141 160)
  • Activity Shop Implemented - Items are Account Bound (core 173 146)
  • Naght Sieger Card Implemented (Reduce Incoming Physical Damage by 15% for Garment Slot)
  • Ainz Card re-stats
  • Max Party Member changed from 12 to 16
  • Immortal Weapon (Shadow Costume) for All Jobs Implemented
  • Immortal Charms Stats Updated (check description)
  • Added Exclusive Immortal RO Feature (VIP Board¬†and GM/Admin Floating Sign) /effect to see

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