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  1. Epic


    Monday WoE Schedule changed from 8AM-9Am to 10pm-11pm Emperium Breaker Test re-implemented BG Shop quest materials adjustment - 300 BG Badge to 150 BG Badge Dragon Fly Card removed from Hidan Scythe quest requirement - changed Max Guild Members changed to 12 Max Party Member changed to 12 Dead Branch and Bloody Branch restricted in Main Town Spell Aura sprite fixed Adjustment on SinX Quest/Donate/Upgraded Quest Weapons Some proxies removed
  2. Epic


    Slot Machine - 200 Gold per Spin (Prizes are Gold Box, Immortal Coin, Donation Coin and Random Battleground Costume) Upgraded Quest Weapon Implemented (check quest weapon npc) Vending Area Warper Item Combo Bonus for Donation Freebies fixed [T2] Immortal Cape (Neutral) bonus fixed Byorgue Card adjusted [T1] Rogue Slicer back in Donation Weapon NPC Quest and Donation Weapons adjusted (check description) Private Branch Room Implemented (core 141 160) Activity Shop Implemented - Items are Account Bound (core 173 146) Naght Sieger Card Implemented (Reduce Incoming Physical Damage by 15% for Garment Slot) Ainz Card re-stats Max Party Member changed from 12 to 16 Immortal Weapon (Shadow Costume) for All Jobs Implemented Immortal Charms Stats Updated (check description) Added Exclusive Immortal RO Feature (VIP Board and GM/Admin Floating Sign) /effect to see
  3. Get Amazing Battleground Exclusive Items!
  4. Training Ground Invasion (@go 15) Schedule: "PH Time"Monday - 10AMWednesday - 11PMSaturday - 3AMSunday - 12PM MVPS Included like: Ainz Wounded Satan Morroc Gopi Boitata And Many More!
  5. Epic


    BG Shop NPC at bat_room 159 154 (BG Area) Immortal Epic Token (2709) - available at Epic Shop in Misc menu for 2k EP Immortal Charms Quest Materials Updated Hidan Scythe Quest Materials Updated New Hairstyle, Hair Color and Cloth Colors Boitata Card - cannot use more than 4 cards at the same time WoE Target Castle Implemented (core 185 144) - automated prize for castle owner to be claimed by GL only after WoE Training Ground Invasion (@go 15) Schedule: Monday - 10AM Wednesday - 11PM Saturday - 3AM Sunday - 12PM Rothenburg - aldeg_cas05 - Glare Staff 0.03% - MAtk+ 100 Increase Resistance to frozen and Stone Curse by 15% Rainbow Emp - 0.03% - Atk+ 100 Increase Resistance to frozen and Stone Curse by 15% Welcome message fixed
  6. Epic


    @pk - on and off Level Up Here! - NPC that will warp you in leveling area Immortal Prophecy - Shadow Weapon for TK/SG Arch Devil Aura sprite fixed Esma skill enabled (can't be used in pvp/gvg maps) Clucker Event Siroma Card from 25% to 5% LK Weapon stat adjustment (quest/donate) New PVP Map - same guild can hit each other now Skills added to MVP Monsters on Instances/Raids Safe refine 1-10 for Lvl 1-3 weapons fixed Fix Immortal Shadow Weapons for (Bio, Rouge)
  7. Epic


    WoE Points every 3 minutes increased from 20 to 40 Strike Eagle and [T1] Holy Sacrament - additional damage for Asura Strike removed Imp Card re-stats (check description) Stalker Job can now wear Immortal Bow (Shadow Weapon) Re-stats for LK and Assassin Cross weapons (quest/donate) Esma Skill of Soul Linker disabled for balancing purposes (temporary) Enable use of Level 10 Firebolt skill added to [T1] Eclipse (Soul Linker Weapon) Unlimited White Potion changed to Unlimited Slim White Potion Gold Room Mob HP reduced from 5m to 3m Kafra savepoint for Gonryun fixed Yggdrasil Seed weight from 10 to 5 PVP Ladder Event - starts every after WoE and lasts for 45 minutes (you can acquire Immortal PVP Token from this event) PVP Room Map changed Pride Helm Quest materials updated (check npc) Black Halberd and Vasavi Shakti weight from 50 to 600 UFC PvP and Coliseum map added Level requirement for opening solo/gpack box now 150 (description updated) Farming Weapon level requirement changed to 120 Black Wicked Cape and Shield can now be worn by level 1 players Woe Schedule: "We are using PH TIME ZONE" mon - 8 am ~ 9 am wed - 9 pm ~ 10 pm sat - 1 am ~ 2 am KOE Schedule: "We are using PH TIME ZONE" Tuesday 9PM Thursday 9PM
  8. Epic


    All Custom Items Stats Changed WoE Castle Drops - Rare Costume Added (0.03% droprate) 10 Epic Points Box can now be acquired even with @afk Max Guild Member changed to 16 Max Party Member changed to 12 Yggdrasil Seed to Box Converter Fixed Shadow Costume Re-stats Job Relic Re-stats New MVP Cards - Ainz Card, Kronos Card, Abyss Arthur Card, Evil Fanatics Card, Despair God Morroc Card Epic Shop price changes (check npc) Gold Room Monster (Lamp Ghost) HP reduced to 5m Charm Quest Materials update - made easier @hold command implemented T2 Armor / Headgear and Upgraded Quest Set implemented
  9. Epic


    Removed Items for Long Term and Balancing Purpose: For Balancing Purpose of the game: Long Term Ice Pick [1] 1230 Assassin Dagger [1] 1232 Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] 13413 Violet Fear [2] 1185 Brocca [0] 1415 Ahlspiess [0] 1478 Dragon Killer [2] 13001 Combat Knife [0] 1228 Ice Pick [0] Balmung [0] 1161 Garrison [1] 13104 Stone Buckler [1] 2114 Valkyrja's Shield [1] 2115 Arm Guard [1] 2117 Platinum Shield [0] 2122 Orleans's Server [1] 2123 Thorny Buckler [1]2124 Sacred Mission [1] 2111 Cross Shield [1] 2130 . Magic Bible Vol1 [1] 2131 Tournament Shield [1] 2133 Shield of Naga [1] 2134 Neo Valkyrja's Shield [0] 2115 Bradium Shield [1] 2138 Heavenly Maiden Robe [1] 2513 Eagle Wing [1] 2515 Falcon Muffler [0] 2516 Valkyrian Manteau [1] 2524 Ancient Cape [1] 2507 Dragon Breath [1] 2527 Wool Scarf [1] 2528 Rider Insignia [0] 2529 Ulfhedinn [1] 2531 Mithril Magic Cape [1] 2532 Skin of Ventus [1] 2536 Diabolus Manteau [1] 2537 Captian's Manteau [1] 2538 Commander's Manteau [1] 2539 Sherrif's Manteau [1] 2540 Aspirka [0] 2541 Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger [1] 2542 Leather of Tendrilion [1] 2544 Musika [1] 2545 Glorious Muffler [0] 2549 Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb [1] 2554
  10. Details will be posted by @GM_Raiden later on.
  12. What is Immortal PVP Ladder Event? How does the Immortal PVP Ladder Event work? You Fight to the Top 5! and when you are in the Top 5 Ladder at the end of the month (30Days) You will earn the following: Top 1: 5 immortal pvp token Top 2: 4 immortal pvp token Top 3: 3 immortal pvp token Top 4: 3 immortal pvp token Top 5: 2 immortal pvp token The Rewards Will Automatically Sent to your mail (Rodex) And Once You are among the Top 5 Killers in the game You will EARN A Statue Of your Character in game! Image Later:
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